Thursday, September 21, 2023

He is back .

We are happy to have one of our boys return to the farm.  Often they will feel the urge to try to make a go of it on their own.  We prefer that they include us in part of their plans so that we can set them up for success , and make sure that they are safe and not taken advantage of, but that is not always the case .  Upon return they usualy have spent any money that they had saved, and are back to square one , needing to start over , toiletries, clothes , and often new documents.   We are just happy to see them again ..  Probably the cold nights and seeing the snow on the mountains is enough to bring them home 😉

There is plenty of work on the farm right now.  With those cold nights and the snow capped mountains, it signals the start of coal season.  The coal is delivered to the farm where the boys break it up and bag it so that when delivering to families in need , who are often disabled , it is easier for them to manage then a pile on their door step. 

Today we had a couple trucks of coal delivered to us by our friends at Luke Services International  This is such a blessing.  Also today we transferred the coal money that we have , and will be able to provide coal for three rehabilitation centres / shelters, as well as coal for use on the farm .   Now it will be a case of purchasing coal and delivering in single dump truck loads as the funds come in .   

 I had shared about Nicks desire to pay off his student loans so that he can continue his education .  he is trying to raise $2700.  We have had sponsors for $450 of that and Nick has raised $250 himself , so that leaves him with $2000 to go if there is anyone that would like to help with this.   We have so many other needs right now, so I will not keep bringing this one up, I will leave this one here and just trust that this bulls on someone's heart...Thank you for considering ,   

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