Sunday, September 10, 2023

Coal is becoming urgent as prices skyrocket.

The last few weeks I have been starting to share about the need for coal .  I shared that coal was about $80 CDN a ton but was concerned that it will go up by winter ..  Well that fear was realized today , about 6 weeks early, coal has already hit $110 CDN a ton and will likely go up even more.  


Coal is the primary heat source in Kyrgyzstan .. If you live in town that has a central heating system , it is a little better, but since that source is coal heated , the price of heating will simply be passed along.   But what ever you do you can't get away from coal . 

To give you an idea though .. did you know that in the US today the average person consumes 3.4 tons of coal a year , not per family, but per person, and more if you drive an electric car.   We are trying to support with 1 ton of coal ... PER FAMILY.   The cost to do that will now be $110 CDN .   not sure what it will be by winter.    the average family uses about 2 tons but if wee can get them started and take the edge off , and if we have the resources mid winter we can go back and possibly help those in the worst shape .   

The other way to combat the rising costs and the pollution is by making the houses more energy efficient, things like fixing or replacing the broken and missing windows, adding insulation in the ceilings and maybe even putting proper doors that fit tight .   This will not eliminate the need for coal but it will reduce it .. We can do this as well, but our problem is that we could heat five families homes for a year for the same money .  But I have had people interested and ask about this , so if there is anyone that would like to help winterise a home , it would be about $600 CDN for a ton of coal and the resources to do the work .   

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