Wednesday, September 07, 2022

Writing a new ending !

Stop for just a moment and consider what this man is thinking. There are very little services for the disabled , and many people are focusing on their own needs at this time of year. Winter is just around the corner and he had nothing to heat his house with.  Fortunately because of many of you,  the story did not end here .  
Maybe you sponsored coal, or food hampers.  Maybe you helped us buy the little white truck. Maybe you support the living expenses of the boys on the farm or help us pay salaries of some of our key workers. What ever part you played, today they all came together to write a new ending for this storey 

The storey is not going to end  here, but will continue for the weeks and months ahead as hundreds of families receive coal and food hampers.  We deliver so much coal that after it is bagged up, we load it onto a huge truck to deliver. The truck is so big that it does not fit down the smaller streets and into the driveways , so it is driven to a central location, then the little white truck shuttles the coal into the homes .   

Julie and I are preparing to head back to Kyrgyzstan , but first we have taken a side trip.  We have cashed in our air miles so that we can join Bekah this month in Newfoundland .  Her baby is due any day now so the plan was for Julie to go for the month and I would stay back and get the house ready to leave and then pass my mom off to my brother while we are away, then fly out to join them for the last week of September , then come back in time to repack and be in Kyrgyzstan by Oct 11th. 

We had to leave here at 2 am to get Julie to the airport. I noticed that there is a flight from the same terminal and the same airlines just 1/2 hour apart that headed to British Columbia where moms sister lives. They talk on the phone every week, but had not seen each other for eight years .  When you are in your eighties, its best not to put things off , so I got to play driving miss daisy .

With some short connections, we knew that mom would never make it, so we arranged for wheel chair assist .  This got all three of us fast tracked through security, and onto a 6 passenger golf cart and whisked off to our gates .. It all went so smooth .    
By Noon , we were almost 7000km apart on opposite sides of the country . 

Bekah is doing great , but will be happy to have the baby any day now .

A  heads up .. If you are in the Norwood area,  This Sunday I will have have sample bottles of honey available for free with every donation to help Julie and I get back to Kyrgyzstan .  We need to figure out how to cover the flights.  Out of Toronto, our regular route would have been almost $6000.. the prices have gone up so much , they say due to limited flights and expensive fuel and increased YYZ airport tax.   We were able to find a flight out of Montreal that we can connect with by train. On the way home we can not get a clean connection so we will have to spend one night in Montreal.  But all together we still will save $2000 on this route .  We will leave our home at 11:00 am on the 9th and will arrive on the 11th at 6:30 am .   

 A little update about Vera and Oleg's need.  We are only $180 away from covering this need, and have giving them our van to use while theirs is in the shop.  They are so thankful to all of you. 

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