Friday, September 16, 2022

Update from Tanya

Here is a little update from Tanya :

"John hello. I want to say thank you very much for the seeds from Grandfather and grandmother They are planted your seeds and this are the harvest.. They also planted potatoes and got 12 bags of winter squat for themselves and their four grandchildren they're live together and I gave me little bit of everything too."

Acel sent us pictures of some of the expecting  and nursing mothers with their prenatal vitamins . they too are very thankful.  Also thankful is the rehabilitation centre that received a cruck load of coal tonight  .


I mentioned the other day that Julie and I have our tickets for our return to Kyrgyzstan.  This trip will be longer and convoluted to get there and save almost $2000 in flight costs, but is still $4000.  We put it on our visa, but with our departure date Oct 8, I am getting concerned about paying that off before we go so that we have emergency room on our visa in case something goes wrong along the way.  I have $1000 covered, but still need $3000 to be travel ready . 

An update about Tanya , the boys are bagging and getting ready to load up 250 bags of coal to deliver to her next week for the families she helps.   We have a short pause in the deliveries while we put a new water pump in our little white truck, but should be back on the road over the weekend. A couple hundred now is better then a couple thousand in a few weeks from now.  The pause gives the boys a chance to get ahead on the bagging , we have 4 more truck loads coming in the next few days . 


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