Thursday, September 22, 2022

Letter from Tanya

John and Julie hello. How are you. How do you feel your self.. Thank you very much for the coal... In the winter will be warm at home now it make me happy. I now it is very difficult time in world and you difficult too but you try help .. very thank full to you and your friends .. ... Thank you so much for taking care of the poor people in the my village and thank you for taking care of me too.. Very, very thankful  ... Pray to God that give you all good health and blessings a lot ..

They boys have also started deliveries into some of the villages as well.   what a blessing to be able to bring warmth to them going into the winter 

when not out delivering coal, the boys are harvesting the crops .

The first batch of apples harvested were delivered to a few of the orphanages . We are happy to see photos come in with the kids enjoying the apples . 

Back on the farm, Ruslan was on kitchen duty . He made a wonderful apple flan cake to go with Chinese food . 

I can't wait to get there in a couple weeks and try his cooking .   Speaking of being there ,  Julie and I are still $3000 short on our flights.  I would be great to have them covered before we go so that I have space on my visa in case we run into troubles while traveling . If anyone would like to help out with this we would really appreciate it. 

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