Tuesday, September 06, 2022

Vera and Oleg need your help

It was just a few weeks ago I shared a post about our general fund and the need to have ready cash for an emergency .  
Well I got a message from Vera and Oleg, two of the busiest people I know.    The engine has died in their van and will be down until they can raise about $1000 USD to get it repaired.  This is a disaster for them.  they run a rehab centre, a community centre as well as are the director of a boarding school for children with disabilities.  On top of that they work tirelessly to provide food, clothing and coal to people in their village in need .  

below is their car being loaded up with groceries to make deliveries .

We just repaired the steering in my car , so we will be able to lend it to them until we get there next month. but we will not be able to start the repairs on their van until we have the funds in place. 

so far I have a donation of $50 in to help them out .. Maybe you would like to be one of 20 people to match that so we can get them back on the road again. 


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