Monday, April 25, 2022

Planting and renovating

We put on a big push this last week to get the fields planted before the expected week of rain .  In the past we have purchased plants like tomatoes and peppers from the bazar and they come with no dirt on the roots.  This means that they require a lot of water that we don't have .  This year we have all our own plants started in the green house, each with its own cup of dirt, so transplanting we do not disturb the root ball.  
We managed to get everything in the ground before the rains started .

Julie spent last week in Bishkek with Kamala. She met with a couple different groups of  people we work with like the breakfast club that meats once a week.  She took them out to an out door café.  The kids loved the two for one breakfast special.... It meant that they could each have two breakfasts ..hahahaha 

Back on the farm we have had many visitors to the farm café. 

It has allowed us to be able to meat with friends like Lynn and Ruby in a safe and comfortable way.  

We were thrilled to have dinner with Vlad and Alina and see their new home renovations .. It looks great 

On the farm, one of the first things we did was start renovating the main kitchen and make it so that I can do cooking classes with the kids .  They are loving it , and we have had some really good meals 

Today it is still raining so we will begin the renovations on the indoor kitchen at the main house .  right now we have two small rooms , one is the kitchen with no windows and a large pantry that does have a window. So we will take the wall down making it one large room with a small pantry and a centre work table. 
I will have some pictures soon 


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