Thursday, April 14, 2022

Memorial Garden

Over the last couple of years we lost some family and good friends. With Covid restrictions, like many of you, we did not have the closure that we would have liked.. feeling a little discombobulated , we decided that we would plant a tree here for them.. then the longer we were away the more trees where needed .. Today we started our memorial garden here on the farm . It is a park setting that will also have a picnic area and an outdoor theater .  The front of the garden has apricots and peaches we planted about 4 years ago .

We found a nursery close buy the farm that had an incredible selection of trees.  We were able to purchase trees today in honour of 5 of our friends and family.  

In the photos above, Julie is picking out the Flowering crab apple tree she picked out for her Aunt Carol and I have an ornamental  Red Canadian Maple I picked out for my dear friend Cal who was a Canadians fan. 

Along with the trees we purchased today , we also got some black Walnut trees from Vlad that we put in the garden and up at the kashar. 

We found many other kinds of trees that over time we will be able to add to the garden.  


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