Saturday, April 09, 2022

Almost ready to open

While Vlad and the boys have been busy planting gardens, tending to the green house and planting some trees. Julie and I have been working on settling in . We had moved from our apartment of 12 years while we were in Canada , so everything was brought to the farm . We had so much stuff to sort and to get to good homes .  That said We are almost set up.   Cafe is ready for visits and the house is sorted out 

We are continuing to give out seeds and vitamins . As soon as they receive them they are planting . 

Today we had Kamala and Nick here to help us .  Julie had them help her sorting sheets, blankets, pillows and towels . figuring out what we need here on the farm, in the guest house and up at the kashar and yurts . 

A few more minor repairs and the guest house will be ready to open by Monday, and then next weekend we will be putting up the yurts and opening up the Kashar.  

Aiperi has also been continuing to get the food hampers delivered to the refugees that she has been working with . she said it is difficult because the roads are still closed and they have to keep moving all the time . 


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