Monday, April 18, 2022

Ready to move plants from the green house

We have the first yurt up . It is one of those things that more hands is not always better .  So we have a yurt master coming in a few days to put up the second yurt, 

Today we were up to the kashar again to get everything ready for the next group to come .  Sorting and organizing . 

Here are a few pictures from the yurt raising party yesterday 

Down on the farm we are working on a couple water upgrades .. both in and out .  At the boys house they are digging a trench to put in a back up water supply , and at Aigoolas they are digging a new septic tank . 


In the green house the cucumbers are planted and growing in the first hot house and the plants to replant into the fields are ready . Tomatoes, peppers, and cabbages we will move out to the fields on Wednesday . We are expecting a week of rain starting Wednesday afternoon .  ut for now we will have all the fields ready to plant.

Sitting with Yura having a visit at the end of the day .

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