Sunday, May 15, 2022

Build it and they will come

 Here is a fun storey.. if you have ever tried to play any game involving a ball at th kashar you will quickly realize that there is no level ground and you will spend most of your time running down the hill trying to catch the ball. Located just below the house was a huge ditch that people seemed to thi k was the public trash .. Vlad and Sergey had th idea of filling in the ditch and making a level place to play for the kids .. the problem was that we don't have any project money so it did not look like that would happen any time soon .

Earlier this week some men came up to the kashar and asked if they could have some old concrete errigation canals we had around the edge of the ditch ..  a deal was struck .. fill in the ditch and make us a soccer field and the concrete is yours :) that was a few days ago and today the field is almost done. And no money out of pocket. God is good

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