Thursday, October 14, 2021

They know what it means

400 bags of coal were delivered today .  We are reaching villages that are further and further from the farm. so we rented a transport to bring the coal along , and where it could not fit we had our truck to shuttle the coal into the smaller lane ways .  

The first stop was to Tanya where we dropped off enough for her to be able to give out coal through the winter .   She wrote me right away to thank me but also to tell me that this coal is of the best quality and it is so great to get such good coal. 

When talking to her , we found out that her car is starting to blow black smoke and needs to be fixed and can not be driven any more  .   Having transportation is something that is so important for her. So we have asked her to get a price to fix it and we will share here what we find out , maybe we will be able to help her with that. 

As the need for coal has increased exponentially over other years ,  so have the resources.   I have shared many times something that was spoken to us years ago .. that is that your assignment is not tied to your resources, but your resources ARE tied to your assignment.  We see that play out here one more time.  As we are working on meeting last years targets for donations, we have had to double the assignment ..  

This week we received an incredible blessing from Luke Services International.  They heard about what we are doing and the urgency to get coal delivered, and they stepped forward in a huge way ... 

Once again God has proven to us that YES the resources DO follow the assignment .

If you look closely you will see the Luke Services International Logo on some of the coal bags. This is because many of their sponsors will not know and recognize our boys, but they will recognize the logo and know that their donation have made it through to families they wanted to support. 

 On the way now to the farm we have 50 tons of coal and plan to deliver 750 bags to about 25 families .  

In a few villages over there is a small rehabilitation centre that reached out to see if we could help with coal .  We figured that we could bulk ship the coal to them and their people are strong and healthy and can do their own bagging . 

Last week the boys got to go paint balling as a bit of a reward for all their hard work up to this point.   Vlad asked them what they would like when they finish the next wave of coal.. They have decided that they would like to go bowling and out for lunch .. I think we can handle that .. and  its great for them to have a goal or a vision ... "Without a vision, they will perish ".  One thing that we have noticed is that it is so much easier to keep the boys out of trouble during coal season .. after a hard days work, they are very content to just relax. 

These boys know what it is to be with out food or with out heat, they know what it is like to not have warm clothes, or many of the other necessities of life.  Because of this, they are just so happy that they can be a part of bringing such blessing to others...They know what it means.    

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