Tuesday, October 05, 2021

Love that speaks the loudest !

 After that bit of snow we had it is time to get the last of the peppers in off the field.  These will be dried, salted , or pickled (My Favorite)

We had a group of tourists stop by the farm to help with the picking and pickling .

And of course a delicious meal 

While they were doing that we had the boys over at the boys farm working on bagging and delivering coal and food packages . 

Today they had enough for 10 families 

It is a quick turn around,  Donation in, coal ordered and delivered to the farm , bagged up , and delivered to those in need,  all with in about 3 days .   

So far we are able to keep ahead .. just as we loaded up the last coal, some more donations came in and we will have another truck load of coal coming today or tomorrow . 

Today they were able to deliver food and coal to 10 families.  This is such a relief for them at this time of year .. Many did not know that the delivery was even coming .  We are thankful to all those we work with that keep their ears to the ground  watching and listening for the needs.  

My Friend Rick  referred to this as PROACTIVE ministry.  Reactive ministry is great and needed, but it is in the unexpected that Gods love speaks the loudest .   

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