Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Shopping day

Today was a big day for a few of our boys.  Sergey brought three of them into town and met up with Ravil and Vlad to do a bit of winter shopping for them . 

Some smart looking boys I would say 

Then out for coffee as a special treat. 

At the end of the Day Vlad drove them back to the farm so they could leave our car with Ravil .  Ravil has just moved back to Kyrgyzstan from three years in Ukraine .  He has been such a big help to us on the farm as well as his main job at the Hope clinic.  He is saving to purchase a car, so we have lent him ours until he raises enough for his own.   We are so happy to be able to help him at this time, and will hopefully be able to help him financially when the time comes to purchase his own car. 

They got home from shopping to see that another load have coal has made it through .  10 tons.  That will keep the boys busy for a few days. 

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