Wednesday, October 20, 2021

And the deliveries continue

Todays was another day where we brought in the huge truck to move almost 700 bags of coal at once to the city, then from there we shuttled the coal to the homes using our truck.  this will be enough for enough to take the edge off for approx. 25 families.  

Part of todays deliveries included setting up depots with two more of our friends that will deliver to families through out the winter as needed . 

I was just contacted with a friend who runs an orphanage in Karakool .. that on the far side of isykool up in the mountains .  They have several families there that they would like to help as well.  It is about 7 or 8 hours drive, so he will arrange for the coal and food hampers to be purchased there.  Then he will get some of the older kids at the orphanage to help bag and deliver , and then send us the pictures.  

A special blessings to everyone who has had a part in this.. donating for coal, donating for food, packing and delivering .  There is no way I could ever convey the feeling of relief and gratitude that so many are experiencing ... GOOD JOB, MOLODETS, MAKTI JASALDI !

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