Monday, November 18, 2019

One more hug before we go.

Well we are all cleaned up and winterized at the kashar, and the farm.  Drained some water lines and put antifreeze in some of the toilets .    Yesterday we finished up in Tokmok and today we are spending our last day in Bishkek. 

A couple days ago we did a last trip around to some of the orphanages and the hospital.  I was surprised when I came out to greet us that they all wished me a happy birthday, and even had a little gift for me. 

We had some gifts of our own for the Baby orphanage.  Bananas, cookies, baby food, vitamins and Nurses scrubs, and Laundry soap.  We also had our paw patrol friends join us for some fun with the kids 

We had lots of children's Vitamins and over the counter meds that Julie and Vlad were able to help translate for the head nurse.   We also had another big bag of nurses outfits that we gave out .. They were thrilled with that as always .

 One of the songs that the paw patrol was dancing to kept singing about Coffee Latte  .. Now I am not sure if thats what it was or if it was something else that just sounded like coffee Latte... but ether way the seed was planted, so after the party we all went out to Giraffe coffee... 

Back at the farm that night we had a good buy / Birthday party .. along with My birthday we celebrated Isar and Vladys birthday. 

Last walk around the farm and to the green house , it was nice to see the new growth everywhere 

after drying the spearmint, calindula , and orange peal , the boys prepared about 7 big jars of tea.  then we all sat down and enjoyed a cup.

Today we are in Bishkek, but Vlad and the boys are busy with more coal deliveries .  Fatima and her family and Bubba Nadia .. both were trilled to see us, Nadia wants to keep one of the boys .. 

One more hug before we go. 

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