Tuesday, November 05, 2019

It could be you he helps.

Update .. We have raised this need .. Thank you to everyone who had a part of this. 

Over the last, almost 15 years, we have had a great friend here in Kyrgyzstan. Vlady has done it all .. he has been a driver and translator for us and for teams, he has been our plumber, electrician, welder, bee keeper and our banquet chef.  I don't think there is anything that he can not do. I remember about 10 years ago we asked all our team members one time what they felt was their "calling" . I still remember his response.  He said he " felt called to do anything that was asked to support people that are helping others.", and he has done that.  In fact many of you would have stories of how Vlady has helped you.

 A few years ago he had to have surgery an a hernia.  At the time we thought that it was a success, but shortly after the mesh let go and now he is worse then before.   His wife Dr Tatyana who also is a great help to us has done the research and found that the best plan would be for Vlady to go to Moscow for the operation.   The cost of the flight and the surgery is about $1350.  This morning he came to us to ask if we would be able to help him with this need so he can get this repaired.  So we are looking to raise $1500 to meat this need and also a little extra incidental funds for the traveling.  If you can help with this need please use the donate button on the top right side of this blog, and in the comment just type  Vlady .  It will be a great blessing to him and to all those that Vlady helps .. one day it could be you he helps.

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