Friday, November 29, 2019

Bagging coal for Christmas

It has been a very busy couple days for the guys on the farm. Some donations have started to come in from the Christmas catalog.  some of those donations are for coal .  You can buy coal by the bag, but it is almost half the price if we get it loose in a transport truck and bag it ourselves.  All Vlad needs to do is drop a pile of empty bags and the boys right away start bagging the coal.  This will be such a blessing to so many in the weeks and months to come.  

While they had the bags out they also filled a bunch with dirt and brought it into the green house.  In a few days when the dirt is nice and warm, we will transplant the rooted sweet potato vines into the bags ready for harvest in march.

As soon as funds come in for Christmas parties and food hampers, they will start getting them put together as well ready to hand out over Christmas .  Tomorrow they will take advantage of the Black Friday deals and look for a TV set and a washing machine.  To see more Christmas items and suggestions, check out the last blog post or follow this link 

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