Monday, October 28, 2019

New floors for Auxana

Auxana is so happy with her new floors, thank you everyone and thank you Sergey for getting it done so quickly.

Tonight at supper, the boys did not really understand making beretos ... I think the solution is to add one more shell and call it a sandwich.
 They work d hard for it thought .. lots of coal delivered
 We also started drying tea .
 The corn arrived today as well
 The outdoor kitchen is full of everything to make some great kimchee
 We clipped and roooted some of the morning glories to move them into the green house fo the winter.

 Marat was applying the rooting compound and planting
 Yesterday we had a really nice meal and visit with Jenish and Azamats family..

We have a family staying on the farm that came up horseback riding then helped us in the garden picking a pile of tomatoes and cabbage. .. but first they enjoyed some hotdogs on th fire.
Tomorrow we will start pruning and training the apple trees .

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