Friday, October 25, 2019

Winter is almost here.

Here is a current need . Many of you know Auxana that we have been helping. 
Her home is a small mud block house that had dirt floors until a few years ago . We were able to pour cement floors to keep dry,  Now we would like to put some insulation and plywood down covered with vinyl .  
We are looking for about $200.  we could start with just the wood and finish later with a donation of $100 if anyone would like to help with this.   

This week we were in Bishkek for me to get some teeth out. After we went out for lunch with Bekah , Azamat, Kamalla and Nick .. I thought it was funny that Julies hamburger was served with black surgical gloves.

It has started to get cold here and the heat is not on yet , so I have had to improvise a little to keep warm.

Its nice and warm in the green house though .  We have been restarting new tomatoes from clippings from the garden.

Out in the garden we have plowed and planted spinach .  We have been researching about winter crops of spinach that will come up first thing in the spring ,  They will become weather resistant and get a head start on the weeds in the spring , It will also give us 2 months of growing in the spring wet season before the hot dry summer hits.

We have started harvesting the sweet potatoes.  They did well, and we have snipped the tops and started rooting them to re plant in the green house for a spring harvest.

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