Thursday, October 10, 2019

First day back to the farm

It was a long over due trip to the farm, but we finally made it.   We walked around the farm a bit kind of like a homing pigeon circling as it gets its bearings. 

I was impressed with the job that Vlady did on the out door kitchen .  He out did himself with some great mettle work.  It looks great.                                                       Over at the green house I was pleased to see how good the sweet potatoes did .  This batch we were growing was for the tops that we will be using to plant a large patch in the garden next spring .. but it was nice to see that they grew, and   

they taste great ,   the plants in this photo was from one branch that we had planted in a grain sack.  The interesting thing is that a sweet potato is not actually a potato , it is the tuber on the route of a morning glory plant.  They do not flower as much as a common version of morning glory plant though.  We did grow the flowering morning glories as well over in Julies rock garden.  I am kind of curious what I will find in the fall when I dig up one of these .

It was grate  to see everyone again , apart from a few of the kids that are in school .  We had a nice lunch before we headed back home to work on the schedule and planes for the team that will be arriving on Sunday afternoon.  

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