Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Its about the Relationship

Although our friend Vlad does everything that a general manager or In Country Director does, He was given the job title of Youth Worker ! 
We could call him a Farm manager , or a guest house operator, But first and for most he is a youth worker! Project coordinator, or Business manager would be a good title, but he is our Youth worker . 

There are so many other job titles that we could come up with that would all reflect what his responsibilities are, but we don't ever what to loose sight of what we are about at the farm.  Its about the kids we work with .  We don't need the best gardens, or the most cows or the perfect guest experiences if we do not have our priorities in line .. We are called to care for, teach and mentor the kids that have no one else, and to bring them into a family that they know they are a part of. 
There is so much going on right now on the farm .. fields being watered, vegetables being harvested, guests arriving, vehicles being repaired, crises response with families in need, kids of to summer camps .. All are important , but none more so then taking the time to spend with the kids one on one in meaningful interaction.   

Yesterday Vlad and Russian went for a hike into the mountains to the lost lake.  Its about a 6 to 8 hour journey. Common goal and a beautiful outcome at the end.  Yesterday for Ruslan, it was reaffirmed that he is special, and he is part of something bigger then just him.   Thank you Vlad for taking the time to work on the relationship.

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