Friday, July 05, 2019

"He was from here, and He made it !"

Its so wonderful for me to witness the kids growing up and maturing on the farm, and to see the produce that they are harvesting is amazing.  It is still so early in the season, but with the green house we were able to get a head start on many of the crops.

What is more wonderful is to see our kids return to the orphanages that they grew up in and bring fresh produce to the kids there.  The fruits of their hard labors returning to the only home some of them knew.  Its great for the kids at the orphanage as well, to say " He was from here, and he made it."  Its not like that typically.  The statistics are something like 80% will be in prison, prostitution, slavery or dead in the first year of leaving the orphanage.  But with just a little encouragement and someone in their court,  For many, things ca be turned around.  Yes we have seen some that no mater how hard we have tried, their futures were set a long time ago, ( and we still hope and pray for change ) but for the vast majority,  life is good !
one mornings harvest at the farm 

Dustan picking peas 

Squash and spaghetti plants

Yellow squash and zucchini 

Not all reports that come in are good ones .  I just received word about a single mom with three kids .. No family, and she lost everything, including her documents in a house fire.  Who? What? When? Where? and Why? and of course How much ?  All questions that we will have to look into, but for now , my heart still breaks for them.  We will share more when we can figure out how we can best help.  

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