Monday, August 05, 2019

forced to slow down .

The last couple weeks Julie and I have been back on the road bringing updates to friends and supporters.

It was great to see everyone.  We had a little glitch right at the end of the trip and John ended up into emergency with a badder blockage.   Tomorrow he will get the catheter removed and we are praying that between the medicine and the time for the bladder to heal that all will be well.   It has forced us to slow down a little bit. . 

Fortunately things have not slowed down at all back in Kyrgyzstan.   

A few weeks ago I shared about a single mom who had lost her home in a fire .  Many people in the village as well as some of you stepped up to help her get the home repaired before winter.   



 now they are starting on the inside .  It is amazing how well things are coming. 

Sergey was to visit them today to see how they are doing .  The mother is starting to worry about school starting soon.  The kids had lost their clothes 
and school supplies.  As well with summer coming to an end she is worried that they do not have bedding and blankets.   We have a bit of money to get the kids enough to start school, and Julie and I will be back at the end of August and we have a team coming a few days later.  If you would like to help with this, we would love to have the funds to be able to bring the team to help her get the house finished and to look after stuff like back to school and maybe some furniture.    

Another project we have been working on is the hospital behind the farm.  With the help of a Rotary grant, we have been putting in new windows. so far we have replaced about 20 windows as well as a new front door that will actually close. 

On the farm we have been very busy with a lot of guests ,  The AirBandB has been keeping everyone very busy.  People from all over the world have visited .. great life skills for the kids and at the same time have been a great help as we try to meet the financial needs on the farm. 

Not all the guests to the farm are paid gigs, in Fact this week we hosted almost 30 people for 5 days for a conference for local families who have adopted kids from within Kyrgyzstan.  We are so blessed that we can offer this help to them . The farm also  provided all the meals for the conference.  Thank you to those who have supported this .

We are also preparing for another team of social workers from Bishkek . they have helped with our kids on several occasions , and we would love to host them at the kashar for a few days.  We have started a fund and we already have one group that has started a monthly support that allows us to do this type of thing. As this fund support grows we hope to be able to provide the farm and kashar to a lot more worthy groups and orphanages. 

On the farm we are now into full swing in the garden .  This week it is plumbs, tomatoes, peppers, and several different kinds of squash that we have been picking and delivering to orphanages and hospitals, as well as other private children's homes.  When the team comes in a few weeks we will have a chance to catch up a but with the canning. 

This time every year is always a little stressful.  School will start up in a few weeks and we have a lot of expenses between the tuition and the school supplies.  But we are certain that education is a real KEY TO SUCCESS. 

We are 1/4 of the way to meeting our goal and we have three weeks left before we need to start paying tuition's... Gulp.  Things are getting a little urgent with this need .  Please consider helping us with this.  It will make such a difference in the future of those we are helping.

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