Wednesday, July 03, 2019

From a guests perspective

From 10 000 km  away we look back and watch with both concern and   relief at how things are going on the farm.  It is a difficult thing to go and put your trust in the system that has been set up.  The farm is a place for kids to learn and to grow.  To learn life skills and how those skills relate to the world around them. Not everyone has to know and understand every aspect all at once, they each just need to do their part.  Along with personal life skills, the kids are developing their skills in gardening, caring for animals, carpentry, cooking, as well as hospitality.  We chat with folks on the farm via FB every day, but it is always nice when they send us some pictures in the update .  It is also a good indicator for us when we get updates from the guests who come visit the farm.  they are coming with fresh eyes with no preconceived idea of what the farm is about . The photos in this blog post are from around the farm today and here is an update we just got from our resent guests.

“I cannot recommend this place enough. The hospitality , the nature, and the animals are simply unmatched. We only spent a few days here but we were quickly sold on its charm. The people who take care of this farm have hearts of gold. Truly a unique experience unlike anything else. Take the time to read through John's description of the farm, it might just be the place away from the city noise for you! And on a personal note they write ”“Hi John, I think what you've done for these kids is wholeheartedly amazing. They are incredibly welcoming, polite, and overall the hospitality they provided was unmatched. It's clear that you and your wife have made a massive difference in each and every one of their lives. I don't think this AirBnB experience can be compared to any of the others that we've had because it was so unique in the best kind of ways. We hiked up the hills beyond the yurts, petted a wide range of animals, spent an evening having coffee with the English speaking ones getting to know them, and had delicious meals cooked with ingredients straight from the farm. Thank you for this wonderful experience. I can't think of a better way for my friends and I to have spent the last few days of our trip through Central Asia. Cheers, Matt”  
Many of you have sponsored the kids and the farm as well as so many other needs and projects in the past, maybe one day you will be able to come and be our guests and see and experience first hand life on the farm.  

This last month we have been able to pay the farm salaries as well as many of the food costs and other minor expenses from the farm with the proceeds from the guest house.  our dream is that one day the farm will become self sustaining.  We believe that by investing now in the lives of the kids , with things like health and education we will be able to do that. 

Currently we are raising money for the scholarship fund.  We are sporting kids from the farm, families in need as well as some of the kids of our coworkers who have opportunity to attend a great school in Cincinnati. 

If you would like to help us with this you can donate using the links on the top right hand side of the blog . 

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