Friday, May 17, 2019

Up and down the mountain

There has been lots going on with finishing touches on work at the guesthouse and ranch, the final planting in the gardens and now the weeding, and guests have started arriving, and through it all, it feels like I am always in the wrong spot .. when I am up on the mountain I have things to do in the valley and vice versa ..  

But today we seem to be all set for the rest of the summer . 

Here are some up and down photo's, but before I do, There are two needs that I need to share.  The first is the Babushka we helped with her eye surgery a month ago.  It is now time for her final surgery . They are looking for help of $350 for this last surgery. The other need is a for a family we have been helping.  usually we have helped them with coal, but last winter we were able to get their house connected to the city hot water.  The house was nice and warm, but there is a bit of a learning curve.  She did not seem to realize that she has to pay for that heating bill of $50 a month for 5 months.  She has asked with help with this.  I would like to help with the bill and put her on an equal billing through us throughout the year so the price is less and so that the majority can be paid in the months that they work in the summer . To get them squared up with the city we need $250.

So lets go up the mountain  now. 

table is all set with fresh breed, borsolk, salads honey and jam all from the farm, ready for guests 

Marat finished the coffee table upstairs in the kashar .. it has a glass top and features itemes that were either found or made around the farm 

her you can see the big rooster, the goat and the rabbit all enjoying the morning in the new pen 

the calf and the little piglet like it to, but we are having a bit of trouble with the calf .. he wants to be with you so when you are in the pen he is fine but as soon as you leave he jumps the fence to follow you 

the boys cleaning the truck 

our guests getting a turn with the eagle at the yurts 

Back down at the farm, the cabbages are ready to weed .  

Taking a moment at the end of the day with some of the boys 

Yesterday was pay day , and after being payed, Mirlan came back to me and handed his money back to me and said " I don't need money for anything , I have everything I need , Maybe you could hold it for me and one day I can buy my own cow," We talked with him  and he understands the monthly expenses of a cow and he agreed that it would be good business for him.  The problem is that we are trying to keep the numbers of cows down right now, so I don't want to buy a new one yet, so we offered him Julies calf at a very fair price .. He agreed , and Just like that the calf needs more milk through the day, it needs chopped corn and it needs a vitamin salt lick, and now lives in the petting zoo ...  

Aigoola has been busy makoing more beautiful blankets for us , with the extra beds and giving away too many last fall we have had to make 18 more. 

The guests wanted to go horse back riding so Misha and a couple of the others went down to the farm to pick up the horses 

Some of the guests bought some stuff from the gift shop including one of Marats paintings 

A cool sun set photo of the sheep coming down out of the mountain at night 

today we started transitioning out of the green house and into the garden for the salads 

It was agreed that the kids could have ONE pig. and he can stay until September .. and we are not naming her 

Back at the kashar Marat built and installed the bench seat in the shower room 

and finally today back down at the farm we moved the herbs we started in the green house out into the herb garden .  Today we planted Basil, Cilantro, Chives, Oregano, and Thyme  

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