Friday, May 10, 2019

ready for guests

things are picking up with the guest house , we have 4 separate groups totaling 11 people, we are also trying to get ready for a group at the yurts tomorrow night.

We had the boys up working on the kashar all day today. 

the coffee table is now finished 

the railings went on the balcony today , and we did a clean up filling the trailer with garbage and the truck with tools and building supplies 
I caught Julie having a moment , she was sweeping and the chair looked a little too comfortable.

Under the stairs we put in lots of shelves where we can put in bags with pillows sheets and blankets ready to give guests when they come to the yurts

Final touches on the railings for the balcony 

so we are now basically finished .. even the toilet paper holder and towel hooks went up today .

I was very proud of Misha today, Aigoola had to be away and Sibera had classes, so he was the cook today with 11 extra guests on the farm.  Breakfast , lunch and an awesome supper, and he is all set and ready for breakfast tomorrow morning .  He is clean , organized and so eager to do a good job.  

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