Saturday, June 08, 2019

the wonders of world travel

So much has gone on in the last couple weeks . 

I guess the big news is the marriage of Bekah to Azamat.   There was not a hole lot of fanfare as Azamat is a quiet guy so we have respected his desire to keep things quiet.  With our son Benjamin and his family here it was a great time for the wedding. 

we were excited to have Benjamin and his family here with us for the week .. Lots of excitement with all the attractions around the farm 

Morning at the Kashar is totally stunning 

this was a fun day at the kashar with friends and co workers along with kids from the farm

the cows are up at the kashar now,  The ropes are warped around the horns for the night then unwrapped in the morning when we tie them out 

night time bonfire with Aunt Bekah

Did I mention how beautiful the mornings are 

Our grandsons class mate gathered up many craft supplies for the the kids at the Children's treatment center  

Friends visiting the kashar take a few minutes to visit with Daisy 

the flower gardens are taking shape.  This wild flower garden was planted a few weeks ago with seeds we saved from last year 

The farm cafe is still a great place for morning coffee   break with the boys 

We have received news of the passing of Julies father.  He is one of those people that you knew was always there for you.  Kind, generous and always a great support.

There were so many times that Bruce was there for us, but let me give you an example of the kind of person he was.  Shortly after my own father died,  my sister was traveling along the 401 (a large city highway through Toronto) late at night and her car broke down and she called me for help.  I contacted Bruce .. 1/2 an hour later, Bruce picked her up and brought her to his house for the night .  When she woke up, not only was breakfast ready, but her car was retrieved from the highway, a new alternator was installed and the car was in the driveway ready for her to continue on her way ...  when I asked how much was the repair was , Bruce just gave me a little grin and shook his head no.   

Bruce will be missed by many.  

 Julie and I have warped things up early here in Kyrgyzstan and will be heading for the airport in a couple hours.  This has to be one of the hardest things about living the life we lead, but we are blessed to have a strong team on the ground here and due to the wonders of modern travel we will be back in Canada by supper tomorrow night . 

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