Wednesday, March 13, 2019

urgent need

Well we arrived safe and sound , now we are spending a couple days with Bekah and the Bishkek peps, then will head to Tokmok.  There are always lots of needs that we find when we arrive, some of them are more urgent then others . 

I just got a request for help from a friend , A family in their group is in trouble ,  It is a mother and father with 2 kids, and the mother is seven months pregnant.  She has developed a hernia and needs it operated on right away.  They will do a c-section then put in a dissolving net.  The operation
n itself is free, but the netting and other supplies for before during and after the operation are costly .  It is about $1200 for the operation .  The friends in the group have raised $400 ( which is a very large some for a small group to come up with here ) this leaves them with an urgent need for $800.   

It left longer, both the mother and the baby will be at risk, the safest time to operate is NOW! that means that the best time for us to act is also NOW.   If you read this and feel let to help in any way , please use the pay pal or Canada helps link on the top right side of the blog, or contact me right away on FB or my email at  

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