Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Mold problems at Olga's center ..

I got a call today from Olga , She has some trouble at her school / help center.  The windows are bad and had to be covered with plastic for the winter, then when she was opening them up for the spring she noticed that some of the wall paper was lifting.  When she investigated she found that there was black mold growing behind it . the more paper she pulled down the more she found .  then we found it under the vinyl  flooring as well.

We have decided that we better  get this solved right away before it gets any worse.  Some of the boys from the farm will help to pull off the old wall paper and bleach and clean the walls and floor.  Then we will need to re paper and put down more flooring .

while we are doing this we would like to put in two new windows so that we don't have this issue in the future. We have the boys to help with the labor and we thing we can get all the materials including the windows for $300.  If you would like to help Olga with this please let us know .

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