Saturday, March 16, 2019

Return to The Farm

We had a nice visit to the farm yesterday.  On the way in we passed the playground that was installed by our sponsors a couple years ago .. it continues to be well used . 

On the farm we did a little walk around , The green houses doing well, the fish are ready to start eating soon.  I think l will look into making a smoker for them. 
We have two new calves on the farm , and three more on the way .  

Aigoola and Alina put on a beautiful lunch for us .   It was nice to sit with everyone at the lunch table .. We went for a walk through the poultry barn with Mirlan.  He was happy to tell us that they all made it through the winter .  They did all look great . 

Over at the mens home they have been busy working on the new showers for the men there, There are 5 showers that we would like to put in.  The cost of the shower room is $500 each .  We have been able to sponsor 2 of them so far, and with those funds they have completed 2 rooms and have put the new floor in the third.  

This will be an on going project that as funds come in we will continue , If anyone would like to take on renovating a shower room, the cost is $500. 

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