Sunday, March 17, 2019

lets brighten up her day

Today we heard from Auxana .. many will know her from over the years from here on the blog.  She is the single mom that we helped to put the roof on the barn she had built herself, as well as bringing her coal for the winter. 

She has had a very difficult winter.   she had some problems with her leg that required medical help.  she ended up using all he money for treatment and for the last month they have not had anything to eat but her seed potatoes. She had felt ashamed to call and ask for help.  But now with no food left in the house and no potatoes left to replant she finally opened up to Sergey when he called her to check in .  He did get a bit of food to her right away. tomorrow we would like get a bit more food for her as well as potatoes and hire a tractor to plow her garden. 

It seems like every day I am sharing a new need, but that is life here in Kyrgyzstan after a long winter .  We are so thankful to everyone who has an invested interest in those we support.     If anyone feels to reach out to Auxana , we will be going at 8:00 pm eastern time to do some shopping, and any donations that come in for her we will put to use to brighten up her day and remind her that she is special. 

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