Friday, March 29, 2019

Update from the farm

We would like to thank everyone out there that helped us to get a new truck for the farm .  

Today we  were planting the hoop houses .  we planted one with carrots, one lettuce,  one beats and one with yellow beans.   The plants in the hoop house will get a three week head start on the rest of the garden .

 We where up at the Kashar.  One corner of the barn there is no roof.  We were looking at that and thought it would make a great place for a garden up there . We cane grow everything for Plof there , and the animals will not be able to get into the garden. we think it will look great when it is done .  Julie is calling it the secret garden.  

  Today was a special birthday at the farm. Our youngest turned two today .  Julie had a few little gifts for her, and tonight they will have a pizza party for her. 

Lunch is always a fun time at the farm .  

We have a property with a house and a barn that we have a family with five kids living in.  They came at the beginning of the winter since they had no where else to go.   Up until now we have not been charging any rent, but we spoke to them today to discuss the future.   He has agreed to care for the large garden behind the house for us as payment for living there. Then if we have other odd jobs that we need extra workers for,  we will offer them to him first before we go somewhere else .     After a short visit,  we walked the perimeter of the garden to discuss what we would be planting  

some of the girls were out today for some fresh grass 

So a bit more about the car.  It is a Subaru Baja . It has 4 wheal drive , 4 door .  It is both gas and propane.  it can carry 1/2 ton and can pull 1 ton.  

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