Friday, November 30, 2018

Starting plans for Christmas

Our friends are still very busy in Kyrgyzstan .  The last few days were coal delivery days , and before that was an exam week and all our students including some of our main workers were busy studying.   After the Osteopaths were with us, they identified a few difficult cases that will need a lot of follow up treatment.  Larisa, Tanya and Kamalla are all on that list.  They have been making trips into the Drs in Bishkek and will be going for another 3 or four each.  We have also been working with the dentist a lot.  Beksolten was having teeth pain before we left and it turned out to be some serious extensive work he needed doing.  He has had all the teeth fixed now, but just needs to go back for a deep under the gum cleaning so that his issues don't  come back any time soon.  Sasha is doing well with his drivers training, so we are hoping he can hang in and this summer we will have an extra driver to shuttle guests up and down the mountain.  
We will be starting to sell produce from the green house this week, and they have been planting the isles now so that we have more started for when we start pulling up the existing rows.   The sweet potatoes we are starting have finally started sprouting.. the first stage in planting new ones .  

We have started making some plans for Christmas around the Valley .. We have probably close to 1000 people who's workers  this year that have already asked about help so we are hoping for some Help with that .   We are also working on our Christmas Catalog that will be up on the site here in a couple days .. it will include ways to help Orphanages, seniors, Olga's center, the farm  and many other needs , some big and some small ... something for everyone.. 

Here is some great news on this side of the pond .  Yesterday Jengish and Emma went to the final interview for Jengish's Residency status .. all went well and he should have his card in a few weeks .  

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