Saturday, November 17, 2018

Happy birthday Slavic

 Closing the orphanages at what ever the cost seems to be misguided movement out there. We always maintain, Yes close the orphanages , ONE CHILD AT A TIME , not one orphanage at a time.  We have seen so much damage as a result of rushing to close down orphanages , in fact several of the kids we work with at the farm are a victim of this thinking, and others like Slavic are still in prison as a result.  

  Slavic was sent to live with a sick grandmother when his orphanage closed with out notice.  She was not able to provide a safe home for him and his family members stole him and sold him to the slave traders in Kazakhstan for the equivalent of a bottle of Vodka.  It took a little over a year before he was retrieved, but buy that time the damage has been done.   As well buy that time he was in the 17 year old gap... the time when the state does not allow 
them to have a full time job but no longer supports them.  Slavic did not make it through this and ended back in prison where he remains.   
 Tomorrow is his 21st birthday. We have a friend that will be visiting him to bring him some new winter clothes and some extra food from the farm.   Thank you to everyone who still remembers to pray for Slavic and thank you to our friends who continue to have contact with him.  Maybe one day he too will have an opportunity to start life over again.     

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