Saturday, November 17, 2018

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas !

Its like Christmas is coming. Our workers have been busy .  Fist at the orphanage, Kamala had her hands full at the big bazaar.  With a donation from the team of osteopaths, she was able to get socks and underwear for ALL the kids at one of the orphanages.  

She even took a bus out to deliver them all.  Julie had told her to take a taxi but she said if she went by bus then she would have enough money to buy extra underwear... this little guy is sure happy she did. 

Over at the mens they too were excited with the shopping that Larisa and Tanya did .  Everyone got a new pair of winter shoes, as well as many of them got some great thermal socks that came with some of the teams .  

What a blessing for them, and for us to have a part in this.  Again thank-you to all of you who donated towards these great needs. Its hard to put into words just how thankful they all are. 

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