Saturday, November 10, 2018

People are smiling

She is smiling because a couple groups of foreigners came to visit her. 

When the teams came to see her and bring food hampers to help her family heading into the winter, they noticed that she was not doing well.    

 When they dug a little deeper on that they found that her teeth were very bad and she was not eating. 

That was something that thew team was happy to take care of for her .

Another couple ladies are smiling because the teams came to visit. 

Olga's center got a call from the government that a family's home had burned down and that they needed help.  We were expecting a pile of chard wood, but what we found was that the house had been almost completely rebuilt in just 6 weeks 

The first thought might have been , " They are doing fine they don't need our help" but when we stopped and talked to them, we found that this field worker and his parents, wife and 4 little kids did not just curl up and wait for help, they dug in and worked hard to have a home for the winter.   They had just run out of money and building supplies . What they needed was windows and a door .. Between the team and some of you, they got a new door and 6 new windows, and are in before winter ..  

Another person is smiling because of the teams .. that me when I think back to how we had such a great time with them as they spread the joy. 

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