Tuesday, March 27, 2018

On to the next phase..

We can do this .. that was the feeling I had when we first arrived at this burned out house.  If you have not been following, this is the home of the parents and grandmother of a friend of Jengishes .  She is living in Russia and contacted us to see if we could help.  

We have now completes the second half of the roof and ready to start inside.  Its great to have this done as they are now calling for a week of rain.   

Next up is to start the windows and the doors.   this will be about $100 each. we have one sponsored already and will need $900 more then we will do this .  It is such a blessing to see this come together and slowly hope being restored .  

we got the deck varnished at the yurts   Everything made it through the winter with out any trouble 

we made this center in the eating area to scrape plated and sort garbage .. it will make everyone's  job a little easier and more organized 

We have started raising Brown Brahma chickens .  We bought a rooster and eight hens.  They are beautiful and very friendly.  An average chicken here is worth about 300 som and a Brahma  hen sells for about 1300 som. 

the incubator is fully automated and computer controlled with temperature and humidity as well as turning the eggs every two hours .

we have gotten a start at planting in the fields by putting in long low hoop houses 

We are enjoying the daily coffee break at the cafe.  Its a great time to visit with the kids. Everyone loves the time , it helps them to feel special and is a great motivator .   

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