Wednesday, April 04, 2018

getting ready for teams

Yesterday we had the opportunity to share some of the work on the farm with the Local Rotary club.  I am always encouraged when I see the great work that they do around the world. 

The roof is finished front and back, and now we are ready to start putting in new windows and doors .  I need to raise $800 and then we will be able to get this done . 

 At the farm we are working on an outdoor cooking center that will have two large kazans and a bbq pit.

The kids will be taking turns going up to the kashar every day to care for the animals and take them out into the mountains .  We thought it would be great to get them some mountain bikes for the 3 km trek each day .   We found this first one for just $80.  We would like to have 3 more for them.

As we are getting ready for several teams over the next couple months, Marat is busy working on some of his paintings to sell in the gift shop.. He really is getting very good. 

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