Friday, March 16, 2018


We visited the fire site we shared about a couple weeks ago.  This is the home of a friend of Jengish's.    We brought or friend and builder Koder with us to assess the damage and to make a game plan.  Half of the front side of the house the roof is completely gone.  step #1  We have $500 in donations in so far and will be able to replace the damaged rafters and put on a new roof on this side. This will cover things up so that it is not exposed to the elements. step #2.   Then when we raise another $500 we will replace the back half of the roof.   

step #3  The house will need to be completely gutted .  It will also need  8 new windows and a new door.  this will be around $1000. this will close in the house and then we will be ready to continue.

step #4   We will need to pressure wash and completely seal all the walls ceiling and floor with a special oil paint so that the smell will be eliminated,  This will be about $500 

and step #5 the walls will all be re plastered  and then the walls ceiling and floors will get a final coat of paint and they will be ready to move back in .   This step will  cost $1000   

So if you total that up  we will need $3000 to complete this project.  So work will start on Monday of the first step, then each will begin as funds become available. 

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