Saturday, March 10, 2018

Back in Kyrgyzstan

We have been back in Kyrgyzstan for 4 days now.  Jet leeeeeeeg ..

We got in on Wednesday morning and met up with Bekah at a coffee shop for breakfast .  It was funny we  walked into a restaurant to meet Bekah and knew two other tables .. one with a friend from here and one was a couple we know from the US.   

Later in the day we had supper with our Bishkek kids at Acels place.  

Thursday we were back at it. Short days at first but it sure was great to see everyone.    There have been some changes while we have been away,  Ruslan seems to be settling in. and the others are doing well.  They were happy to tell us how much they like Vlad and how kind and caring he is .  They appreciate the one on one time they get with him through out the day. 

Friday we had a group of a dozen with kids from one of the orphanages come over to the farm for lunch and a visit.  Nurick has the barns so nice and clean, it was great for them to see animals so well looked after, including our newest calf who is about 10 days old.     

Saturday was a busy day as well.  We had a new guy, Kolya, come and join us on the farm. as well Bekturson one of our students we are helping came out for the day with us to see the farm and get set up with a bed.  He will start coming out on weekends to earn some money for his weekly expenses.

With all these kids on the farm and the spring planting still a little over a month away, we need to get organized to keep them all busy , fortunately there is a lot to do.   We sat down and filled a white board with things to do over the next week..

First up on the list was to scrape and paint the floor on the cafe porch  

Then over in the green house  they were planting peppers and spaghetti squash.

the next crop of radishes are up , and the potted flowers are coming up nice.

the spinach and other salads  are in full force, and the hanging baskets of strawberries are ready to plant back out into the garden. 

 For lunch yesterday Aiperi made plof and served it with these awesome spinach canapes

today will be a day off and tomorrow we will be back at it . 

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