Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Happy "PEE" day

Yesterday being pie day we decided to meet with our kid in the city to have a pi party , we had  a laugh because the Russian term for pi is pee   so happy pee day everyone. 

Kamalla and I made these really good chicken pot pies for supper.

There was a small problem at the play ground.  There are always so many kids on the swing that it finally gave out.   I sent Beksolten down with a couple boys and they removed it and brought it back to the shop and rebuilt it. they put a new pipe inside and also welded a piece of extra angle iron on the top for extra support.   The second it was done and back the kids were pilled back on and having fun. 

Baktagul was out for a visit for a couple days .. It was nice to see her. 

We had some other friends out to the farm as well.  He is helping a family in the village that had run out of flour.  

When Vlad got there with him, he found that she is in much more need then just flour and coal ,  Her milk has dried up, and the baby is only three months old.  What she needs is formula.  That will cost about $60 a month .  So we will put that out there if anyone would like to sponsor this for about 6 more months would be awesome. 

Radishes are starting to bulb up and will be ready for picking in about 2 weeks .  

Aiperi is hard at work making new blankets for the gift shop , and to have for when we find people in need 

Little billy is doing very well with his formula and is now sitting up on his own. 

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