Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Inside the Son is shinning.

If you have been following us on Facebook you will have seen our adventures up at the yurt.  Yesterday there was a storm that blew threw. It sure was an adventure , once again we withstood the rain and the winds, but at times it was a little scary.   
This morning it was still raining, and I could not help but think of those at the hospital waiting to have their sick babies looked after.  Up until now they would have been out standing in that rain, but now things are a little different.  

It may be wet and raining outside but inside the Son is shinning.   

Today , Tokmok has one of the finest baby centers in the country, but what makes it so great is not the building but the incredible staff that work tirelessly for the children. 

Dr Anara was the driving factor behind this project, and the reason we came on board was more because of our respect and belief in her.  

Along with being in out of the rain, another big step up is that the new clinic has washroom facilities and baby changing facilities.  it may not seem like a big deal but try standing in a line out in the rain for hours with kids , no place to sit down, and no place to use a washroom ..   The new face of the Tokmok Baby hospital is built to bring and show respect to parents and children especially at a time of crisis. 

We do have one more thing that we would like to do before we call this project finished, ( you know exceedingly and abundantly more then you could ask or imagine, and all that, )  In the summer, temperatures can become unbearable , up over 100 degrees for many days in a row.  In keeping with our desire to bring dignity, respect and comfort to families, we would like to put in an air conditioning system before the summer heat hits.  The cost will be about $700 US.   The impact of this will be recognized by hundreds.  

We are down to our last week here in Kyrgyzstan.  Still a lot of little things to do before we leave.  We want  to have all the renovation work done before we go so that all that is needed is to maintain the crops, animals and the guest house until we return in mid August.  

Rebekah had her last state exam yesterday, so she is now officially finished her University program.  She is excited that she has actually been hired on at the university teaching starting in September.   What a great feeling of accomplishment that has been for her .  Bekah and Lilly celebrated buy coming out to spend the night with us at the yurt.  Julie was looking forward to a peaceful night , something that Bekah would remember. 

Well it did turn into a night to remember all right .. the first blast of wind was a sand storm around 8:00 then at around 1:30 it returned from a different direction but this time with the rain.  

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