Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Lots of work around the farm

We are starting to get a lot of bookings at the guest house now,  In the last week we have had a mother and Daughter from Germany for 7 nights, then five adults and a child from the Netherlands, and last night two cyclists from South Korea,
and tomorrow morning we need to clean up and get ready for 4 more.  With the tourist season still approaching, we are going to set up a hostile at #2 home.  Nick will have an office / bedroom there where he will live this summer, and he will also help manage the guests needs.  This will be a great spot for teams as well.   Sunday we had a donation of some old but solid mettle bunk beds.  We have been sanding and painting them and should have the new rooms set up by Saturday.  We will need to buy 10 more sets of sheets, mattresses blankets, pillows and towels.  They will be about $30 a set, so tomorrow we will get 4 or 5 sets to get us started from the revenue from the last week, and then as we have money we can top that up a bit   

Between the guest house and the hostel is the yard that the ducks and geese were in, but with them now at the ranch we have been working on putting in gardens.  We will have the mint, calendula, thyme, rosemary and all the other flowers that Emma uses for the soap making.   

We got a lot done yesterday as well as gravel spread on house two driveway and the flower gardens ready to plant there .  Today I was hoping to get more done but there were too many other people using the wheelbarrow and the shovels and racks today. 

I decided it was a good time to catch up on a little plowing.  Well there is no such thing as a little plowing here .  I spent the next eight hours on the tractor.  It was crazy how many people who wanted their fields plowed .. I waned to just say no and finish up, but I could see how desperate some of them were.  The tractor was a donation from one of the most generous, (not just with money but also their time.)  families that I know .  Some one who has gone above and beyond for us as a neighbor and friend in Canada , so Just as I was about to say that I was too busy I thought of my friend and the spirit of this donation.. So I kept on plowing ..  But finally around 6:30 I needed a break so I headed back to the farm .. on the way I was flagged down and stopped buy 4 more neighbors at the same time .. Playing the English speaker I said I was sorry I did not understand.. Then one of them called Jengish and talked for a minute and then   hung up and told me he understood.  He then turned to the others and said "He is old and needs a rest" Well that works for me.   We have another one of the boys finishing his drivers school shortly so that will be good to have him doing custom plowing, until then I think I will try to limit it to a few hours a day .. On the bright side , besides blessing the neighbors I  was given a full tank of diesel and enough money to buy a set of sheets.   

The kitchen is almost finished, and we will be able to start using it again.  I just need to make a hood for over the stove and put in a second light.  

Now with the kitchen and hostel almost finished, that brings us back to the saga of the bath tub that showed up on the driveway the day before the wedding celebration.  As part of the reasoning when I got mad that they tore it , they said don't worry we were going to pay for it ourselves..   So to this point they have been able to do the work using materials from around the farm.

 Tomorrow will be the tell.. they will need tiles to continue and they say they will be done in two days.  So who is getting tiles and who is paying for them..As my friend David always says,  I guess it is just not our time to know .. 

Marat is a pretty happy boy .  He had his fourth surgery today .. two procedures on Monday and two today .. We will know in a few days how successful they were , but already he is seeing better . 

Less then a yer ago he was told he would be totally blind in a few months.. and now he may not even need glasses .. He is so thankful to everyone who has had a part in this journey of restoration. 
and a thank you to Acel for making all the arrangements and being there to help him ..  

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