Wednesday, May 24, 2017

another catch up post

Last week we celebrated Emma's Birthday .... in true Kyrgyz style .. where else do you put road flares on a cake. 

Over at the main house, we are fixing up their laundry facilities as well.  Today the are making the clothes line bigger and cleaning up the long grass under it. 

You have not experienced a sun set until you have st at the yurt and watched it set over the Chui Valley.  The last guest there only got a few hours sleep, he spent the night outside starring up at the stars 

We were able to do a few outings the last week with the kids from the farm, Like this day up to the fish ponds 

Many of the guests have left tips for us to take the kids on outings .. This is such a blessing for them.  They get to have fun but more importantly they are starting to associate hard work with great opportunities.   I just love that we can do these outings with them , and the guests on the farm all like to join in.  

Once again I would like to thank everyone who supports the farm and makes it possible for our kids to experience "a good life "

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