Thursday, June 08, 2017

update from the airport

It was an exciting week.  The biggest news to report right now is that Bekah has graduated.  She completed a dual diploma from both American University of Central Asia and Bards Collage of NY. 

This week Bekah cleaned out her locker , and moved to her new office at the University where she will be teaching starting in August . 

We had a fun day with everyone and a couple groups of guests from the farm last week as well.  We went to the waterfalls, then to the yurt for lunch where we had the eagle hunters visit and the horses there for people to ride.  The best part was sitting on the deck in the afternoon and watching all the animals coming and going . 

We finished the new light and the hood over the kazans as well as replaced the one that got burned out when the boys were "keeping an eye on it " 

we also got the floor painted and the back splash up behind the counters. 

I did a walk around the farm before we headed for the airport   everything is coming along great .  There will be tomatoes to pick very soon and the little sticks we planted last year are already starting to get apples on them. 

We have the gardens divided into 10 sections , this section is the beats .  We have finaly gotten ahead of the weeds here . 

Olga had a couple great events for Children's day.  the one I was able to attend was for the kids that came from families that had children with disabilities in them .. there were about 20 disabled kids, but with their siblings and other family members, that brought us to about 70 kids that day .. there was games, icecream, pop, toys, food hampers and clothes given out.

Back at the farm we moved the pigs to the barn over on the boys side, then the barn where the main house is got all cleaned out and painted .  We have moved the Holstein and one of the goats back down from the mountain .. they are a bread that does not do as well in the mountain, so will be nice to have a milk cow at  the home farm  . 

 The hospital waiting room air conditioning fund is coming along well .. we just need another $300 US and we can get them installed

Well they are calling our gate now so I will post more later ..

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