Friday, April 01, 2016

A time to plant

The planting has begun out at the farm.. I will imagine that we will be planting almost every day for the next month or two.  Today we were working on the roses.  One of the farms we bought had a very large bed of young roses.  They need to be thinned out, then in a few weeks the rose master will come out to the farm and prune and graft .. it is then that we will decide which will be steamed roses, which will be bushes and which will be climbers , but for now we needed to get them separated and out of the nursery bed.  We have started to double and triple pant the apple orchard.  We have planted a couple rose plants between each apple tree, and tomorrow we will freshly cultivate between the rows and plant cabbages, and then seed the whole area with alfalfa.   The Cabbages will be harvested by mid June just as the alfalfa starts to take hold.   

So far we have about 800 roses transplanted and likely about 2000 to go.  By next year we will be able to start selling roses , both cut and plants to transplant. 

We are working on a contraption to go on the back of the rotor tiller that will how the rows for us.  The tractor will be able to come through on a single pass be ready to plant. 

We will build one that has three plows on it that will make the rows and one will have a single plow on it for making the irrigation ditches.  

The trees are doing well back at the apartment.  next week we will move the seed pods to larger trays, then replant the first trays with Broccoli and other seeds. 


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