Saturday, April 09, 2016

first two batches of chicks arrived

I arrived at the farm with Nick around 4:00 today, all was good and I was tired so I just headed home for a nap.. I was thinking I was a poofter as there was so much to do, but I was just not in it today.  

Then I thought back over the day and realised that maybe it was not all a waist.  We stared this morning in Bishkek where we picked up Nick to head back into the valley.  The first stop was to an orphanage in Kant.  We had a donation for new spring clothes for the kids there.   We had our young friend at the Bazaar do the shopping for us .. He got some great deals with some very good quality clothes for them ..
While we were there we talked to the director and invited them to our MEN WHO COOK event in a few weeks.  So far we have one ticket sold .. that's $25 or 5 kids sponsored for the Kyrgyz picnic of all picnics ... 

Next stop was to Auxana's house in Red River.  She is going to raise baby chickens, ducks and geese for us.  We have great success with them on the farm once they reach two months old, but until then no so good.  Auxana knows what she is doing, and has a very high success rate.  It works out well, it gives her a little extra money to live on and  we get our babies past the delicate stage . 

Auxana's gardens are all tilled and rowed and ready to plant, but she had no seeds yet.  So I hot out my crate of seeds from the van and let her pick through. 

When we built the barn, we did not put electricity in so today we also hooked up a couple heat lamps for the chicks as well .

100 day old chicks and 50 one month old chicks 

After we were all set up and we had brought her to the bazaar to get supplies, we also invited Auxana and her kids to the Picnic as well  ..  so we have made all the arrangements and invited the special guests , now I just need some of you to go to the iam1ru site and make $25 donation or buy a ticket to the event.  to do so, click on the photo bellow 

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