Thursday, April 14, 2016

Looking forward to a couple weeks visiting friends ..

We are looking forward to a visit from friends next week 

spring is in full bloom here now 

Time for Goosey to have a bath

Now that he is clean he can have a snuggle . 

To stay connected with Goosey, she now has her own FB page .. you can find here here

We got a call today that the children's treatment centre was out of laundry soap.  Julie and I were about 20 minutes away heading to Bishkek so we went back and made a quick trip to the bazaar .

We are now at Bekah's place in the city, and tomorrow we will make a trip to Kazakhstan to Taraz to visit our friends Beth and Victoria .. or the Royals as they are affectionately known. They run James127 Ranch .. a similar project to the farm . We are looking forward to this weekend visit.    Not sure how much Internet access we will have, but will follow up when we get back Sunday night. 

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