Thursday, March 31, 2016

Be the Miracle

Some times we get so caught up in life that we do not see the miracles around us, or at times miss out on the opportunity to BE the miracle.  I tend to think of big things when I think of Miracles , but forget that some times those "Simple dreams" can have the biggest impact.  I remember our friend from Possibilities International  Sam, was at the home of a blind couple.  Their  home was in tough shape, and he asked the question .. " If you could have anything, what would it be ?" their answer was "A light bulb "  Now Sam was thinking something like a home makeover or a radio or maybe even help with day to day chores, but A LIGHT BUB ? ..he was not wanting to be insensitive, but he had to ask what a blind person needs a light bulb for .. The answer was simple.  "When the lights are on the cockroaches go away and we can eat with out them on our food."  Life for them was good with a 7 cent light bulb Not a $2500 home makeover, but a 7 cent light bulb.  

Yesterday I shared about our new friend Erkin.  He came up to us last week asking for bread or money to buy bread. He was in very rough shape, covered with scrapes and bruises, and was staggering a bit.  and for me the Kyrgyz language sounds slurred at the best of times.  Jengish took him aside and asked what was really going on here .. why was he cut and bruised.  Then the story came out. 

   He has Cerebral Palsy, and lives with and supports his elderly mother who is also disabled.  He has to go out every day to try to find some bread for them .  The problem is that time to time he has bad shakes, and falls off of his bike, and that is why he is so bruised.   Jengish said OK so never mind the bread right now, I will give you bread money, but we need to figure out how to keep you safe. They came up with the idea of a three wheel bike.  Today I was at the Bazaar trying to find one or get connections with some one who could get us one, and how much it will be so I could share the need and hopefully find him a sponsor.  The best I could find was about $350 and it was in Bishkek , and would be a cheep made bike I was told.  For a good strong one would be about $500.  

At the same time , Erkin and his friend started dreaming, and Hoping , and they found one in town that was second hand with a large cart on the back but were afraid to even mention it to Jengish as it was $120 .. way more then they could ever Ask or Imagine.  Then Jengish called him to see if he had found anything .. so he shared his find.  

So while I was still looking at he bazaar, Jengish took Erkin and his friend to see the one they found.  It was solid and stable.  and in good shape. Erkin even took it for a ride to make sure it was not more then he could manage.  

Normally we do the leg work, then wait until we find a sponsor, but not wanting to miss out on this deal, Jengish gave the money for it right away on faith that someone would like to be the miracle in this situation.  Well it was almost more then Erkin and his friend could bare.  As Erkin started riding around the street, his friend was overcome with emotion and had to step aside to regroup.  

Today there was a seed of Hope planted, and Faith with spring forth .. "For faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things unseen."  So now Erkin is off with a renewed faith in the unimaginable and we have Hope for a sponsor to help us with this.

Happy to report that this need has been sponsored .. Thank you.

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